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Passion fuels more passion! The Yachting and Boating Industry has seen incredible advancements the last several years and the Chicago Yacht Company is excited about what the future holds!

More Americans have turned to the boating lifestyle amid more flexible work environments, allowing professionals to spend extra time aboard. Enjoying the open waters of this great country and beyond have created incredible experiences for everyone. The benefits of the OPEN WATERS have been proven!

The sale of boats, new and used, marine products and services across the country have soared to 13-year highs! The trends show few signs of the industry slowing down anytime soon! And we are proud to be a part of this growing industry!

First time buyers are entering the market at record levels. Options for current boat owners, looking for new boating discoveries and experiences, have a vast array of options. These signs, from both new and current owners, display indicators that the growth will continue for several more years and beyond!

The passionate boating lifestyle has millions hooked! Manufacturer's have recognized the move to this lifestyle and the innovation and technology advancements are rapidly changing how we navigate the HIGH SEAS! These trends will continue to impact the industry for years to come. Chicago Yacht Company is modeled to help these consumers navigate PURSUING LIFE ON WATER!

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selling Your Boat

Chicago Yacht Company is a unique local community listing services platform with multiple, valuable and powerful marketing packages.

Our local showrooms are designed to target buyers in that immediate region and with customized marketing packages, we make that happen! Our marketing packages are designed with an approach that includes strong SEO, customized email marketing campaigns, social media influence and even network event exposure. YES!

Our model is totally unique to the industry! We save you unnecessary fees and commissions with the ultimate goal of helping you RETAIN EQUITY in your vessel! 

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buying A Boat

First time buyers are entering the market at record levels. Existing boat owners are looking at new and exciting models. The process of buying your first or next vessel can be intimating! 1.5 million people buy a boat every year. Our goal is to make sure you have the ULTIMATE BOATING EXPERIENCE! And that begins and ends with an effective buying and selling process.

Chicago Yacht Company is dedicated to assisting ALL BUYERS regardless of the situation, into making the process easier, providing industry experience and wisdom, and assisting the buyer in all levels of the purchasing process. This means DISCOVERY! Choosing the right vessel. Valuations! Inspections! Financing! Transportation. And so much more!

Chicago Yacht Company will ensure the smooth process of navigating the tough waters of purchasing your next vessel!

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  • Michael now has sold two of my boats and I credit that to perfecting the valuation process and his powerful marketing techniques. He sold both boats quicker than I ever expected. A true professional!

  • I used Michael to represent me during the buying process. We were looking for a particular vessel and he was a huge help during the entire process! From establishing our search criteria, to locating and establishing contact with the owners, to financing and transportation. A great representative!

  • I simply use Michael for anything boat related! He is a huge resource and has a great knowledge base about Midwestern boating!

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