About Us

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest! We must learn to sail in high winds!” – Aristotle Onassis
several boats in dock


Chicago Yacht Company is a Mid-western based creative marketing agency that specializes in unique community based showroom listing platforms backed by powerful, effective and affordable marketing packages!


  • Industry leading unique showroom listing platform with customized marketing packages
  • Customized marketing packages that are affordable and target consumers directly within your immediate listing region.
  • Customized marketing packages include a powerful combination of email and texting platforms, high visibility social media outlets and channels, blog sites and even networking events!
  • Highly optimized and customized web site with powerful SEO engine!
  • Dedicated community-based showroom managers assigned to your listing!


The history of the Chicago Yacht Company is primarily based on decades of industry experiences. Those experiences have determined the primary focus of this company. Our adaptable business model has been created to help customers navigate the difficult waters of this passionate industry. We are experienced industry professionals, but we are passionate boat owners dedicated to passionate boat owners. Our legacy! Our history will be determined by that passion!


Showroom Managers

Chicago Yacht Company is currently looking for dedicated community-based showroom managers to help build and develop local market areas! If you have ever desired to become a member of the boating and yachting industry, this is the time to join us! PART TIME POSITION ONLY! EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION! PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US IF YOU ARE NOT A PASSIONATE BOATER!!

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