Boat Valuations

The process of researching, valuing and pricing a used boat is vital for both sellers and buyers in order to make sure both parties have an accurate view of the proper boat value. Information and knowledge is critical to understanding the valuation placed on the boat listed for sale. It takes experience and market knowledge to provide an accurate listing price for vessels of all types and sizes.

Chicago Yacht Company dives deep into research and market knowledge to get your boat priced correctly!

For sellers, to move a boat quickly, it is critical that an initial price is set based on the following critical factors:

  1. Historical Sales of that boat based on geographical location.
  2. Mechanical Condition: Solid service records are a must!
  3. Cosmetic Condition: People will pay a bit more for boats that are in "Like-New" condition!
  4. Location: Sellers and buyers will notice a difference in price on boats that have been used in Salt water versus Fresh water!
  5. Electronics: We live in a world now that most buyers want ALL THE TOYS!
  6. Accessory Gear: What does the listing include?

For buyers, you want to know that you purchased the boat for what you should have paid for it, and nothing more. Our valuations provide the confidence for you to move forward with the acquisition.

Let's Discuss Valuations!

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